Online tasting session with London Borough of Jam

Tasting and learning with Lille O´Brian.

During this webinar Lille O’Brien will join us by link from London where she has her business, London Borough of Jam. LBJ is famous for their handmade jam, made in small batches with no commercial pectins added.

Lillie will tell us about how she started her company ten years ago. Thereafter we will taste some of LBJ’s jams together and Lillie will explain her philosophy about jam making, which is that the flavors should be fruit-driven rather than sugar-driven. This means that when tasting a preserve from LBJ you will always taste the fruit first followed by the sugar and then a special complimentary flavor. Lille will also tell us how she likes to combine her jams with other foods.

Seminariet är på distans och ges på engelska. 

Særimner 2021

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